Harissa Le Phare du Cap Bon

  • 1946,the Story begins.

Born more than half a century ago, as a result of synergy between Mr Bakha Gastli and his French partner, Mr Hector Borge. SCAPCB, the Company for Canned Foods of Producers from Cape bon,had manufactured its first harissa can under the brand name ” Le Phare du Cap Bon ” in 1946,in its old factory locatedin Nabeul.

Today, the setting of SCAPCB is spread out on an area of 6 hectares in Grombalia.

  • A great legacy: from Mr bakha to the his son Sofiene Gastli.

Following the death of Mr Bakha in 1997, the management of the company passed to his son Sofiene, who continued his work with the same commitment and dedication, managing to develop and consolidate the image of a leading company, capable of affirming Tunisian agricultural and foodstuff values throughout the world.

  • The History of our Guaranteed and Controlled Products

From time immemorial, the lands of the cape bon are known for their frtility where fruits and vegetables abound with their distinctive and unique flovors.

The mere fact that a product originates from the cape bon region is enough to carry a distinctive label: the label of quality and flavor.

Today, ” Le Phare du Cap Bon “reproduces for you all the flavors.Our productions are 100% Tunisian, cultivated to respect the environment and the health of our consumers, while bringing a burst of flavor to each dish.

  • A winning product with fresh Tunisian raw materials.

During all these years, the SCAPPCB has remained faithful to the past while continuing to took for ways to expand current practices.

The Harissa ” Le Phare du Cap Bon ” continues to be manufactured according to Grandmother Oum Elkhir Authentic Harissa Recipe based on pureed red peppers seasoned with garlic, carvi and salt.B

In order to diversify its products, the SCAPCB has embarked in the production of tomato paste, and today the company is in the lead when it comes to transformation, packaging and exportation of the double tomato paste, as well as various other grocery products : Berber Harissa,Tunisian Grilled Salad, Hot Sauce with Harissa, Tuna with Harissa, sardine with harissa, Kefta with Harissa…20180301002 Harissa Hot Chili Red Pepper Paste

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