Merioul Fadhila short sleeves


A typical and contemporary outfit, Mérioul Fadhila is named after Fadhila Khetmi (1905 – 1992), a tunisian theater woman and radio host, who is behind the famous undershirt design, known as “Mérioule”. Nevertheless, Mérioule (the tunisian undershirt) appeared for the first time in Tunisia with the commercial enterprise Cohen in 1957. Mérioul Fadhila presents not only the favorite dress of all tunisian women but also a brand whose reputation goes beyond national borders. Of course, Mérioul Fadhila was dressed by big international celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot, Mick Jagger, Joe Cocker, Yannik Noah, and so on. Multisecular, the Mérioul Fadhila can be a dress of every day but also an elegant dress for various ceremonies. Worn before the “Melia”, it can now be worn over pants, a skirt or shorts. Symbol of happiness and too attached to the tunisian tradition, Mérioul Fadhila is a pride for Tunisian women!

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