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Herbiotech can secure your needs by contracting on the following products:

  • Organic dried herbs: Dill, parsley, Peppermint, spearmint, Olive leaves, Spinach, Cilantro…
  • Organic flowers: Chamomile, calendula…
  • Organic vegetable oils: High polyphenol Olive oil, Black cumin seed oil, Jojoba oil, Lentisk oil
  • Organic Essential oils



A fully traceable crop production protocol is the heart of our work. Before the plant is sown in the field, properties of the plant are identified and measured against the target profile of the ultimate product. During cultivation the growth, weed control and cultivation measures are monitored. Time of harvest is optimized according to plant development and weather. All starting materials and processing are documented so that the final customers can audit the production method employed in producing the crop. The cultivation process proceeds according to pre-agreed conditions with strong quality control and cultivation registration.


Drying conditions depend on the moisture content of fresh material at harvest, the plant parts used, and the temperature best suited for preservation of the requested quality. We continuously work to ensure that the final product preserve the maximum of original taste, smell and color.


A Quality control system is applied from the seeds to storage of the finished product, with a total traceability (upstream and downstream) through rigorous monitoring of batch numbers, with the ability to track the delivered goods back to the farmer´s field.

All the traceability and parameters of farming, drying and cleaning processes are scrupulously documented


In our company, 100% organic products without pesticide residues we ensure guaranteed microbiological quality and GMO-free products.

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